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Braaains Hack 2012

Braaains Hack 2012

Braaains Hack 2012

Braaains is a cute action game developed by Broken Bulb studios and can be played on Facebook platform. In Braaains, players need to recruit zombies into their horde and they fight other players with their zombie army. Players can train their zombies and they can buy cool weapons, enhancements, and clothes for their zombies. Players can fight other players but they do not enjoy any control over the fight. However, if you equip your zombies with good weapons and have a bigger horde then your chances of winning are better.
If you wish to level up faster than others in Braaains do then you need to buy lots of game currency, or you need a good Braaains Hack. There are large numbers of Braaains hacks and cheats available online, which offers lots of in game benefits to the users and that too free of cost. However, most of these hacks are not worth downloading as they crash down after few uses and they suffer from lots of compatibility issues. Our dedicated team has created a multi feature hack for Braaains called Braaains hack 2012, which is free from all kinds of errors and crash.
Our hack works on all the versions of Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating systems and you can also run it on all popular web browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Coins, Brains and Bones are three currencies involved in the game. Coins can be used to recruit zombies into your army and you can buy weapons, clothing, and enhancers for your zombies. Brains can be used to train your zombies and you can buy special items by using them. You can earn small amount of both the currencies on defeating your opponents or you can also buy them with real world money.
Once you download our hack, you can build a large army of strong zombies as our hack allows you to instantly generate unlimited amount of Coins and Brains. Bones are premium currency, which can be used to buy scientific power ups such as Sludge balls, Chem drop, etc. These power ups can easily change the course of any battle. By using our hack, you can generate unlimited amount of power ups and that too by simply pressing a click.
Braaains hack 2012 is equipped with a smart anti ban feature, which always keeps you protected from being banned. There is no need to install updates manually on our hack as it has a built in auto updater, which automatically installs new updates. SO, download Braaains hack 2012 and enjoy your game!

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    braaaains ! haha good game , nice hack by the way. helps me a lot!

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